Cultural Evolution & its Interplay with Biological Evolution

I have a longlasting interest in cultural evolution and its interplay with biological evolution. I recently published several papers on the fidelity of transmission in cultural evolution. Together with Mathieu Charbonneau, I argue that degree of fidelity of transmission is tightly linked to the grain of description used to describe a particular transmission event. Further, contrary to the case of biological transmission, there is no general convention—to which researchers in this field adhere—for describing cultural transmission at a particular grain.

Prior to switching to philosophy, I worked on the evolution of religious beliefs. The challenge of integrating the different approaches to this phenomenon formed one reason that prompted me to move into philosophy.

Pierrick Bourrat
Pierrick Bourrat
Senior Lecturer & DECRA Fellow

My research interests include the various concepts deployed in evolutionary theory, causation, and the interplay between biological and cultural evolution.